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Dr Riley took such good care of my son. We felt so at ease in his care. We are so thankful for him.

Jennifer K.

I went in today to get 3 wisdom teeth removed and I was SO nervous! Then the Dr came in the room and he was so much fun. He asked me how I was doing and I told him “nervous”, then he said “I’m not!” I knew right then that he had a great sense of humor. He had me laughing the whole time. The team of assistants was great too. They made the whole experience great. There was seriously no pain, even the IV was painless! I felt like I was just laying there cracking up and then I woke up and it was over with. Pretty awesome. I highly recommend!

Tory E.

I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Clayman. He did an amazing job. The slight part of the surgery that I do remember, is Dr.Clayman had a good sense of humor before I fell asleep, which made me feel more relaxed. I did not feel any pain whatsoever. I had a slight headache the afternoon that they were removed, but woke up the next morning with zero pain and zero swelling! I am so grateful that everything went so smooth. He also called the next day to see how I felt, which I thought was very considerate and kind. Highly recommend 5/5 stars!

Kiersten C.

I was very nervous to get my wisdom teeth removed as I have never been fully sedated before. They first give you nitrous gas to calm you. Than an IV with some sedating meds that makes you feel REALLY good. I was out in about 10 seconds, I don’t even remember it. They don’t sedate you into a full sleep, just a light kind of “twilight” sedation where you feel no pain and remember nothing. What took an actual 45 minutes felt like 5 minutes. It felt like I just closed my eyes and suddenly I was awake. No pain at all! Dr. Clayman did an awesome job. Highly recommended! Be sure to bring someone to make a post-sedation video for you!

Janine E.

Never had a tooth extracted before, so I wasn’t sure how painful the experience was going to be, but Dr. Klayman was really patient in walking me through the procedure and he had me out of there in about 45mins. I was in some pain but way less than I anticipated, and recovered in about 3 days without the need for painkillers. That may have just been me, but I think Dr Klayman did a good job too.

Benjamin M.

I had Dr. Clayman pull out a back molar that was cracked, and then a few weeks later he replaced that tooth with a screw implant that will eventually have a crown. Dr. Clayman is reassuring, kind, upbeat, and sometimes even made me laugh! I am always nervous at the dentist’s office, but I have now found a dentist that i trust! He did wonderful work and I had very little pain afterwards. His staff was helpful and professional. Thanks to everyone at Benicia Oral Surgery!

Karen B.
Rachel H.
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