How to Keep Your Kids Teeth Healthy

As a parent, you no doubt will do all you can to make sure that your kids have healthy teeth. In order to achieve that, you should start cleaning your children’s teeth as soon as the baby teeth appear. 

Starting early can help form lifelong habits that are hard to break. This at times can be a challenge because not all children like to clean their teeth. So we have put together some suggestions to help your child succeed with good dental health.

Tips For Healthy Kids Teeth

Implementing the following tips in your kids daily routine will help them have to have healthy teeth:

Set the example

Children have this natural habit of imitating their parents. Capitalize on this by brushing your teeth at the same time as them. Your kids will naturally follow.

Start brushing your kid’s teeth when they are young

You can start cleaning the teeth of your little one as soon as their first tooth appears. You can do that with either a cloth or a small brush. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) states that you can use fluoride toothpaste at 18 months. 

Start with an amount about the size of one grain of rice. After your kids have learned to spit out the toothpaste you can increase the amount until you reach the size of a pea. 

Children can learn how to brush their baby teeth on their own from 3 years of age. At this point train your child to brush twice a day, every day. As their teeth start growing together you can introduce flossing and mouthwash.

Take your child to the dentist

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), you should take your child to the dentist within 6 months of their first baby tooth appearing or from 1 year of age (whichever comes first). You should continue visiting the dentist every 6 months after that.

Open communication

Describe to your child what will happen when they go to the dentist. Be positive about the procedures and your child will be less anxious.

Limit their sugar

High amounts of sugar in the diet is the main cause of tooth decay in children. Let your child know how serious the dangers are when they eat too many sweets and drink sugary drinks. It may help them to be more balanced.

Brush sufficiently

Sufficient brushing time is essential to keeping kids’ teeth healthy. Children need to brush their teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes to remove plaque. Some useful training methods are things like tartar dyes or a timer to get them used to how long it should be. There are also fun apps available for your kids to use.

Consider sealants

Sealants are a parent’s personal choice. They can help prevent cavities and tooth decay reducing the need for fillings.

Don’t share toothbrushes

Sharing toothbrushes is one way of sharing germs. So keep them labeled or use different colors so as to eliminate the spread of germs. Once your child has finished brushing their teeth make sure they rinse their toothbrush thoroughly with tap water to reduce bacteria build-up.

When Kids Have Dental Complications

Sometimes children run into problems when their adult teeth are growing. The canines or the wisdom teeth sometimes don’t emerge as they should. An oral surgeon can help resolve these issues. 

The oral surgeons at Benicia Oral Surgery and Implantology can help remove wisdom teeth that are causing problems. They are located in Benicia, CA, and serve those that live in the North Bay area. Book now to make an appointment.

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