Highlighting Why You Should Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures

There’s nothing fun about losing a tooth, particularly if you lose a tooth – or a couple of teeth – that are visible when you talk, when you laugh, and when you smile.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans wake up every year with a missing tooth and 40 million of them wake up with all of their teeth missing.

Dentures have existed for (literally) hundreds of years – you might remember that George Washington himself had a set of wooden dentures he wasn’t all that proud of – but they are starting to be phased out and replaced by the far superior dental implant option.

Millions of smiles are being refreshed and repaired completely with dental implants, in fact. If you’re thinking about repairing the missing holes in your smile with the help of the experts at Benicia Oral Surgery you’ll want to read on to learn why they recommend people choose dental implants instead of dentures more often than not.

Almost Perfect Clone of Natural Teeth

The number one reason that the experts at Benicia Oral Surgery recommend dental implants versus dentures is the ability for dental implants to almost perfectly mimic natural teeth – your natural teeth – in a way that creates a much more seamless repair.

Not only are dental implants cosmetically identical to the teeth you already have in your smile (to the point where it’s possible to color them to match the shade and tent of your smile, too), but they act like legitimate teeth as well.

There are very durable, they resist tooth decay, and they are permanently cemented in your jaw the same way that your real teeth are. This gives them a fit and finish you just won’t find with even the fanciest and most expensive dentures.

Effortless to Take Care Of

Another reason the experts at Benicia Oral Surgery recommend dental implants versus dentures is that they are just about effortless to take care of, particularly when stacked up against modern denture options.

Whereas you’ll need to pop your dentures out each night and leave them soaking in a glass of fizzy liquid your dental implants can be brushed, flossed, and cleaned just the same way that your natural teeth are. This makes cleaning and maintaining them a whole lot easier.

Dental Implants Support Good Jaw Health

The dental implants that are installed by the experts at Benicia Oral Surgery are going to be placed atop of titanium posts that have been infused with your jaw bone. That titanium post is going to act just like the root of natural teeth, allowing for the bone material in your jaw to grow around that post and give it a firmer hold and a more permanent “lock” at the same time.

With dentures nothing is driven into the jawbone which means that new bone growth is not stimulated. Over time your jawbone weakens and this can start to compromise the rest of your smile – but it can also change the way you look, the way you smile, and the way you talk.

To learn more about everything that dental implants have to offer, contact the experts at Benicia Oral Surgery today.

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