Get to Know the Most Common Oral Diseases

While most of us think that our oral health is pretty well taken care of, the truth of the matter is oral health issues and diseases are a lot more commonplace than most people realize.

In fact, the American Dental Association suggests that more than 50% of all Americans are living with some form of periodontal disease right now – with more than 40,000 cases diagnosed each and every year. Even still, the overwhelming majority of these individuals living with this one disease – not to mention all the others – are living with an undiagnosed and little understood issue that could lead to big trouble later down the line.

Here are just some of the more common oral conditions and diseases you need to be aware of.

Common Oral Health Issues

Oral Cancer

While not specifically the most common type of oral health issue you might have to contend with, it is certainly the most dangerous and the most deadly.

Every year, 8000 deaths are contributed to this condition alone and the five-year mortality rate of oral cancer sits at just under 60%. Early detection is a huge part of winning the war against oral cancer, which is why we here at Benicia Oral Surgery so frequently recommend (and offer) biopsy services to better understand what’s going on behind your smile.


On the flip side of things, oral herpes is maybe the most common oral health condition of them all. Some studies believe that 50% or more of all Americans have oral herpes right now, and more are likely to get it as well.

Commonly referred to as cold sores, herpes can be very contagious – spread through direct contact as well – but is almost never a serious health risk.


The soft tissue throughout your mouth is particularly vulnerable to all different kinds of infections, both bacterial as well as viral. We are, after all, talking about a very warm, very moist environment with plenty of “fuel” for bacteria and other viruses to thrive.

Thankfully the overwhelming majority of these infections can be treated rather quickly, though they will need to be stopped as early as possible before they spread or are passed on to someone else.

Gum Disease

Periodontitis (sometimes called periodontal disease) is another truly widespread dental health issue many Americans are living with right now without even realizing it. When bacteria in your mouth multiply rapidly and squeeze between your teeth and gums they cause significant inflammation. This inflammation causes your gums to proceed and can later lead to adult tooth loss and bone loss throughout your mouth.

Be Vigilant for Signs of Oral Health Issues

It’s very important to be vigilant against oral health issues, not only looking for issues and symptoms yourself on a regular and routine basis but also scheduling regular checkups with your dentist and the team here at Benicia Oral Surgery to figure out exactly what’s happening smile.

Any issues that do not look “normal” should be further inspected, and areas that your dentist feels could prove to be trouble spots will likely be referred out for a biopsy here at Benicia Oral Surgery. We provide full biopsy solutions from top to bottom for our patients and can get you answers quickly.

For more details about our biopsy solutions, as well as to learn more about our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons, contact us here at Benicia Oral Surgery today.

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