8 Surprising Problems Because of Missing Teeth

Man looking at his missing tooth in the mirror San Jose, CAMissing teeth is a common problem, maybe more than you would’ve thought. According to the American Dental Association, the average adult American between the ages of 20 and 64 have three or more missing teeth. This usually happens because of tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma. If it has happened to you then you’re likely aware of the consequences to your oral health. There are, however, some difficulties that you may be surprised to learn. They may be enough reasons for you to consider cosmetic dentistry. You can read about them here.

Problems With Missing Teeth

If you have a missing tooth because of trauma, decay, or gum disease then you may be surprised by the side effects that could come as a result. They can include:

  • Discomfort Chewing – We have all our teeth for a reason. Some teeth are used for biting or tearing and others for chewing. Missing just one tooth can make it difficult to carry out these actions. Crispy food between the teeth can hit the gums and cause discomfort. We then may avoid essential foods required for a balanced diet.  
  • Misalignment In Our Bite – Each individual tooth supports the other teeth. When a tooth is missing the space created can cause the remaining teeth to move towards the gap. Movement in teeth positioning can disturb the natural bite alignment. Flossing could also become more difficult if the gap between teeth has been reduced. If you cannot reach to clean between the teeth then you risk the development of gum disease which often results in further tooth loss. 
  • Speech Issues – We use our teeth to make sounds in speech. Missing teeth may alter those sounds and create issues in our speech.
  • Bone Loss – Our jaw bone becomes stronger when we use our teeth. When we’re missing a tooth, the jaw stops receiving the needed stimulation and bone loss occurs. 
  • Aged Looks– Your teeth make up the structure that forms your appearance. Loose skin can sag when there are no teeth to support it, affecting your smile and making you look older than you really are.
  • Mental Health Problems Studies have linked tooth loss with some mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. 
  • Lower Self Esteem –  Another study saw that nearly 25% of people with missing teeth are too embarrassed to smile.
  • Lower Success in Job Interviews – The same study showed that over 25% felt that they were unsuccessful in job interviews because of their missing teeth.

How To Fix Your Missing Teeth Problems

At Benicia Oral Surgery, we want you to smile again. So the expert surgeons recommend dental implants as the best choice to replace your teeth. You can enjoy the flexibility of replacing just one tooth with a dental implant or all of them with a hybrid implant (also known as 4 in 1 implant). Dental implants are more than just cosmetic dentistry. They not only look like natural teeth helping to return your smile but they also work like them, so you continue to enjoy the same benefits as when you had your original teeth. You may be surprised to learn how many health advantages they have over other tooth replacement options.

Contact us to book an appointment at Benicia Oral Surgery to see if dental implants are right for you. The team members will be happy to talk with you. Located in Benicia, California, Benicia Oral Surgery serves all those in the entire North Bay area. 

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